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Individually tailored vocational training to match your specific needs !


Business Brainstorming

From were GVTI catched the expriences

in Germany (State of Baden-Württemberg)


German Vocational Education and Trainings, also known internationally as Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Career and Technical Education (CTE), offers occupation-specific theoretical and practical training for work in a specific occupation.

Our trainings and quylification programmes therefore usually focus on providing trainings by GVTI German Vocational Training Institute for students with practical applicable instruction and can lead to certification, diploma or certificate, which are international. Since some years we work close with the Marconi University Rome in the MENA*-region. 

Continuous updating of training: There are currently around 330 occupations requiring formal training in Germany. Employer organizations and trade unions are the drivers when it comes to updating and creating new training regulations and occupational profiles or modernizing further training regulations. 


The shared responsibility between government, employers and trade unions also helps in responding to emerging new challenges such as digital innovations like the Internet of Things which will have an increasing impact on manufacturing and the way work is organized.

Ultimately, we want to further support the companies and participants in our course in realising and implementing their daily work and the associated tasks even better in everyday professional life. We also think that we are contributing to the stabilisation of jobs.


More quality of life, security and prosperity through economic cooperation according to the principle: learning and living together for a better common future in this world of ours!

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