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Building construction worker

Building construction workers are mainly employed by companies in the construction sector. Depending on their specialism, these may include, for example, civil engineering companies or companies involved with concrete construction or the production of chimneys and industrial furnaces.

  • Build single-leaf and multiple-leaf walls using various types of block and slab and a range of bonding techniques

  • Cover openings in masonry using artificial blocks and pre-fabricated elements

  • Build masonry facings using a range of bonding techniques

  • Seal structures made of blocks against moisture

  • Build, erect, brace and anchor formwork for foundations, right-angle supports and beams, and flat-run walls and ceilings

  • Make and install reinforcement members

  • Use machines to deliver, feed and compress concrete and treat the surface manually

  • Install materials to insulate against heat, cold, noise and fire

  • Mount plastering, screed and construction elements using dry construction techniques

  • Carry out related works in the construction and civil engineering sectors

  • Work autonomously either alone or in conjunction with others to execute works on the basis of technical documentation and work orders

  • Plan and coordinate work

  • Set up construction sites

  • Stipulate stages of work and initiate measures to safeguard the work process and ensure safety, health and safety at work and environmental protection at the construction site

  • Check the quality of the work for any errors in execution, document works and clear the workplace

  • Use equipment and machinery

  • Erect work, load bearing and protective scaffolding and calibrate plant components and construction machinery sub-assemblies

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