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Leadership - Training (2 days)


In this leadership training, you will discover which leadership tools best support you in motivating your employees, leading your team according to the situation and mastering your daily leadership challenges. You will also learn how to define and reflect on goals and how to organize and lead your team in a meaningful way. You will learn how to use coaching as a leadership tool to expand your leadership repertoire and how to manage change processes in your organization.


The focus is on content like this:


  • What is the natural leadership style of each individual participant?

  • Leadership instruments and management in the Western European context

  • Social competence and necessary communicative skills

  • Feedback processes and feedback

  • Positive self- and employee motivation

  • Dealing with responsibility and accountability

  • Target agreement and delegation

  • Personal strengths and weaknesses analysis

  • Feedback on the appearance and personal impact of the participants

  • Comparison of self-perception and external perception

  • Communication of positive and negative messages and their effects

  • Understand how to manage yourself in a meaningful way in order to be able to manage others efficiently.

  • Dealing with conflicts and difficult "negotiations" with the employee or groups of employees

  • Coaching as a Leadership Tool: Opportunities and Possibilities in an Intercultural Context

Cultural Synergy in intercultural Communication and Cooperation (2 days)

Where cultural opposites meet, more emerges than the sum of individual experiences, attitudes and approaches: Cultural Synergy. In this seminar you will learn to become aware of the peculiarities of your own culture from the perspective of others. You will increase your intercultural sensitivity to other cultures and recognize the pitfalls that can arise from cultural differences. You will also learn how to make your international contacts successful.

The focus is on these issues:

  • Cultural awareness and intercultural competence: Intercultural sensitization and increasing the conscious interaction with other cultures.

  • Getting to know and learn about intercultural value and orientation systems

  • Successful handling of stumbling blocks in intercultural communication

  • Intercultural communication and our understanding of 'normality

  • Strategies for dealing with conflicts in an intercultural context

  • Communication and listening styles in different cultures

  • Working in an intercultural, virtual team

  • Successful leadership of virtual teams

  • Long distance trust-building: Building trust in an international, virtual team

  • Leadership and discipline in a cross-border team

  • Intercultural Business Etiquette: Dos & Don'ts and Intercultural Fatties in a Western European Context

Communication (2 days)


In this communication training you will learn the tools of effective communication and conversation for Germany and Western Europe and apply them in practice-oriented exercises. You will receive specific feedback on your personal communication behavior and will be able to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses. Working on concrete conversation situations from your professional practice ensures the successful implementation of the seminar contents - and thus your lasting success.


The focus is on these issues:


  • Communication against the Intercultural Background Germany and Western Europe

  • Pick up the call partner, establish and hold a "good wire

  • Accepting and dealing with criticism. As donor and as recipient

  • Question techniques for better solutions and results

  • Recognizing and using the different levels of communication

  • Different language models in combination around the knowledge of brain functions

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