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Occupational safety, health protection at the workplace and environmental protection


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Occupational safety and health protection

Maintaining, promoting and developing the ability to work
Health in the company - strong employees are a strong organization!

Ensuring productivity and quality within the framework of skilful occupational health and safety management.

A structured approach to hazard identification and risk management to reduce accidents and occupational health problems through a safer work environment creates higher productivity and better quality in production. Better employee health reduces time wasted, improves morale and increases productivity. A detailed health and safety management system identifies the key laws and regulations that will help you protect and maintain your company's reputation.

In times of increasing demands in the working world, it is essential to find and retain the best employees in the company, among other things through a much more systematic embedding of "soft" topics such as health, work-life balance etc. in company strategies and processes.

Permanent restructuring, "new" forms of work and organisation, virtual teams, intrapreneurship etc. reduce predictability, security, stability, orientation, transparency and predictability. Employees are less and less able to deal with the increasing dynamics and complexity (dynaxity) of products, services and processes. The goal is to realize and keep the efficient, motivated and healthy employees in the efficient and healthy organization with the help of a holistic performance and health management.

To this end, the connections between performance, leadership, health, (false) requirements, trust and responsibility are clarified. Performance and health behaviour are diagnosed and optimised in the dynamic interactions between person, (work) situation (physical and social environment and tasks) and organisations (procedures, rules, culture, etc.).

The aim is to achieve skillful occupational health and safety, occupational safety and the environment.

-   Reduction of occupational accidents in the company
-   Minimization of the risk of technical accidents
-   Reduction of absenteeism by improving working conditions Safety, work organisation and working environment 
-   Improving productivity by eliminating/minimizing Workplace insecurity and healthier employees
-   Improving legal certainty for managers and entrepreneurs
-   Improvement of employee motivation through active participation & improvement of occupational safety and safety at work
-   Reduce the burden on the economy of thousands of new jobs each year. 

-   Accident pensions, pensions for recognised occupational diseases and death grants

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