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The properties of plastic products can be manufactured and modified in many ways!


The special property of thermoplastics is their plastic deformability above their flow limit temperature range. Put simply, this means that thermoplastics can be melted down and their geometry changed (similar to die casting metal).


It is essential that they can be deformed or melted under the influence of heat and that they can be formed by means of thermoplastic forming processes. Due to these properties, most thermoplastics can also be welded and bonded, which leads to a high variability of the joining processes of these materials. The ability to thermoplastic deformation, melting and new shaping is closely related to the recyclability of these materials.


With our technical and economic know-how, we create an individual concept for all project phases. Together with our partners, we work on the realisation of projects for our customers and carry out e.g. filling simulations, flow simulations, article and tool designs and other engineering work, e.g. FEM calculations, for product development. This is supplemented by a project management, which gives your customer the security from the product development up to the start of production. 


In addition, we carry out process optimisations, process analyses, production controls and optimisations, e.g. with thermal imaging cameras, flow meters and endoscopes. With our calculation tools, e.g. for thermal tool design, we can give our customers guarantees and verifiable performance commitments. Our distortion analyses up to the delivery of inverse, ready-to-install data models reduce your correction effort.


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