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Mechatronic Fitters

Mechatronics fitters work in the installation and maintenance of mechatronics components and systems for manufacturers in the plant construction and engineering sectors, for system operators and in service sectors and for service providers in a wide range of branches of trade and industry. Under the provisions of the Prevention of Accidents Regulations, mechatronics fitters are deemed to be skilled electrical and electronic engineering workers.

Profil of Skills and Competetences

  • Plan and manage work processes

  • Process mechanical parts

  • Assemble sub-assemblies and components into mechatronics systems

  • Install electrical sub-assemblies and components

  • Measure and test electrical values

  • Install and test hardware and software components

  • Build and test control systems

  • Programme mechatronics systems

  • Assemble sub-assemblies and components into machines and systems

  • Assemble and dismantle machinery, systems and plants, transport and secure

  • Test and adjust the functioning of mechatronics systems

  • Commission and operate mechatronics systems

  • Maintain mechatronics systems

  • Hand over plants, instruct users in their operation and provide services

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