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Soft-Skills Training

Well-qualified employees are the key to success in industry and trade.

Dynamic, complex, global and communicative - this is the short formula that characterizes our current economic activity. Anyone who develops and markets internationally competitive products and services today needs flexibility, creativity and a high degree of innovation.

However, good ideas alone are not enough to conquer the market, because only economic implementation brings success. Speed and information advantage are often decisive competitive advantages in the tough battle for market shares. 

The path from industrial society to knowledge society is covered with communication as a means of transport. GVTI has created an innovative training program so that you as an entrepreneur and your employees can cover this path as quickly, smoothly and straightforwardly as possible. Here you will find a small excerpt of the range of topics and solution approaches which have the aim of strengthening the competence of the employees so that they can help shape the future of the company on their own responsibility.

Our interdisciplinary staff guarantees specialized know-how taking into account interdisciplinary interrelationships. An understanding of these interrelationships and a holistic approach guarantees a successful transfer of technology and knowledge, thus ensuring active implementation and sustainability within the company. 

Soft Skill Training is the key to personal development and the best possible integration into a company and profession. Qualified employees in Soft Skills contribute significantly to the competitiveness of a company. The structural change in the employment system, changes in the workplace as well as the digitalisation and globalisation of work processes place high demands on employees; top performance can be achieved through qualification and training.

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