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Solutions arise in your head !

Our consortium partners work with you to develop goal-oriented solutions in a wide variety of projects.

Our colleagues and engineers will enrich your team with their existing cross-sector know-how and specific professional experience. Our colleagues and engineers support your project team in a trustworthy manner in the proven industries.

Communication and transparency are central to our project work. Professionalism and sustainability are our long-term goals for a mutually successful business development. The success of our customers is the focus of our work. We create sustainable values through close and uncomplicated cooperation, short reaction times and specialist knowledge.

We help our customers to realize their competitive advantages!

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The key role of the chemical and petrochemical industry works in driving green and digital progress and finds recognised conclusions for healthy and sustainable environmental protection.

Market growth and costs under control. Innovation is the growth engine in the oil and gas industry. Today, fossil fuels are being extracted that were considered inaccessible twenty years ago. Measuring, controlling and regulating under extreme conditions. High temperature fluctuations, oily compounds and acids demand safe solutions.

Petroleum is one of the most important and most widely used raw materials of all, especially as a raw material in the chemical industry, as a fuel in transport and as a fuel in heat generation.

Thanks to the enormous importance of oil, the petroleum industry is currently the largest economic sector on our planet. The dependence of industrialised countries on oil has helped the oil industry to a strategic position of power in recent decades. Petroleum companies are therefore very influential worldwide.


Automation and electrical engineering. 

Within the scope of your projects, our colleagues in control engineering develop, plan and project using state-of-the-art tools. From calculation and simulation through programming to testing and validation, we take the load off you either on-site or in our offices. We carry out worldwide start-ups for you, accompany the operating personnel during training and take care of the maintenance of the systems.

The hardware-related programming/embedded systems, especially in the industrial sector and the real-time programming under consideration of different communication systems are strongly applied. In information technology, we develop applications using a wide variety of databases.

Integration, commissioning and testing/inspection are, of course, just as much a part of our services as measurement technology, data acquisition, evaluation and documentation.

simulationen 888.jpg

The Automotive industry is a very strong economic sector in southern Germany.   

Our specialists in this field are very well trained engineers from a wide range of disciplines. They deal with hardware-related software development, design, process planning as well as test and inspection.

For many years now, our colleagues have been firmly integrated as project collaborators in well-known automobile manufacturers and provide support in all areas of this diverse and interesting field of activity.

We can look back on a long-standing partnership with well-known companies in this business environment.

To develop new Products in thermoplastics or to carry out technically demanding projects or to improve ongoing projects. Our colleagues from engineers and specialists advise you from the idea phase to the implementation and quality assurance of your projects.

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