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What is REFA ...     REFA’s aim is to increase industrial efficiency through vocational training


REFA is Germany’s leading association for work processes, business organisation and corporate development. REFA was founded almost 100 years ago after Germany had lost two world wars and was in dire need to rebuild its industry in a productive, efficient, practical, cost effective and qualitative way. 


The focus was on:

  1. Efficiency in production

  2. Quality in product

  3. Cost and time efficiency


The mission of REFA is to reach this and they start to analyses:

  1. How to get the Data from the whole production process (how where what who)

  2. How to understand the Data (all minimum details)

  3. How to translate these Data

  4. How to Design the production working environment, also taking the quality of workplace into consideration

  5. How to transform the Data in the practice running of production lines


REFA thus developed methodology for business data analysation and management.

Method of Work Design and Data Determination!

Details see modules of REFA Training Methods of Work Design and Data Determination


It played a crucial role in the building of German industry and a century later it still is strong and continuously developed today.  Before a method is up-dated and published, the content is checked by the Confederation of German Employers' Associations and the German Confederation of Trade Unions thus ensuring its neutrality. REFA is also very careful to protect its methods from being changed and diluted. Trainers therefore undergo a strict training and continue to work closely under the umbrella of REFA.


In REFA German organisation, precision and efficiency is condensed into an hands on, implementable form to be used across the entire spectrum of industry from high-line production such as automotive to textile.


Aimed at second level management, it increases efficiency, production, quality of product and quality of the workplace while reducing cost.


REFA trained managers can use the REFA methodology to best understand their business, the operational data within that business and their workforce in order to transfer information into reality and create an effective operational business.

It enables a systematic and comprehensive approach to work processes. This means the entire supply chain of an organisation is analysed and improved. It supports international business as it provides a level of understanding and conformity. It provides a stable basis on which SMEs can be innovative, creative and successful.


An Example from a participating company in Egypt who took part in Training for REFA Method of Work Design and Data Determination. Employees working on a production line. Before the training: First station took 5 minutes, second 8 minutes, third 6 minutes, and fourth 6 minutes – sixth 10 minutes to complete the work. This meant that employees were not working to full capacity, some were working more and others had to wait. Following the training the smallest information of time taken was determined and this the stations could be redesigned to all take 6 minuets. This meant higher more effective, qualitative and cost effective work.


In conclusion: REFA Method of Work Design and Data Determination analyzes the whole production process and interprets the internal process enabling the company to work more effectively with quality and cost effectively.

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