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20 Day REFA-Qualification 2.0


It is Germany’s leading association for work processes, business organisation and corporate development. REFA’s 20 day qualification offers German organisation, precision and efficiency condensed into an hands on, implementable form to be used across the entire spectrum of industry. Aimed at second level management, it increases efficiency, production, quality of product and quality of the workplace while reducing cost.

REFA trained managers can use the REFA methodology to best understand their business, the operational data within that business and their workforce in order to transfer information into reality and create an effective operational business. It enables a systematic and comprehensive approach to work processes. This means the entire supply chain of an organisation is analysed and improved. It supports international business as it provides a level of understanding and conformity.


1.0  Day Qualification Course Content

1.1   Process analysis and creation

  • Successful business, humane work and REFA

  • Social competence of the REFA organisor

  • REFA work process

  •  Process orientated work organisation

  • Work data management 1

  • Work data management 2

  • Task and process - Structuring and design

2.A Determination and application of work process data

  • Principles of work design

  • Design of work systems

  • Evaluation of performance index

  • REFA Time Study Execution and Evaluation

  • Contingency allowance determination

  • Activity sampling


2.B Determination and application of work process data

  • Determination of standard data Elements

  • Set up time determination and optimisation

  • Utilisation of Work data for cost calculation

  • Planning determination

  • Systems for predetermined times

  • Utilisation of Work data for cost calculation

  • Principles of renumeration design – Job evaluation  – performance evaluation

3.1 Practical

  • Recognise, detect and present possibilities to improve and design processes.

  • The design of effective work process solutions.


Further services, individual packages including work experience in Germany can be offered separately.

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